Built For Endurance® will help you in decoding the formula for long-term success.

Lieven is a multidisciplinair business expert with a passion for the sustainable growth of people and companies in their operating environment. Out of his love for endurance sports, he got fascinated about companies which seem to have found the magic formula for long-term success. 

Lieven now combines his endurance & business experience in helping people and companies to build a sustainable future. 


In a thirty minute speech, Lieven will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and chase your biggest dreams.

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In his keynotes, Lieven will share in-depth his vision on how you and your company can reach incredible results in the long run. 

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Tailor made workshops can be created to work in team on a specific topic with direct effect on your long term performance.

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Built For Endurance started from the strong believe that we as persons on this planet are made to keep on pushing our boundaries, allowing ourselves to grow stronger and better each day. Finding the right conditions to exceed our limits time after time is not as easy as it seems and requires a clear framework. Built For Endurance provides you with the right tools and motivation to achieve your long term goals.  

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