Lieven will take you during his motivational speech into the world of ultra marathons and will show you the many connections with the business environment we all work in.

His speech will be about:

  • How to set ambitious yet achievable goals
  • Key factors for long term success
  • Understanding your ecosystem
  • Mental fitness

After his speech you will feel motivated and ready for the long road ahead of you.



During a keynote, Lieven will go deeper into the different areas of long term goals and success. 

The following keynotes are currently available:

- Endurance You - The basic keynote on how to set ambitious goals and prepare for success

- Endurable Procurement - The framework of 'Built for Endurance' applied to the world of procurement.

- The Endurance Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurs are the perfect example of people who are built for endurance. What can we learn from them in getting your dreams within reach?



In a tailor-made workshop we can delve deeper in the world of long term success and apply it on you or your business. 

Together with you and your team, we will determine your specific goal and do all the preparations to start the long journey.